It’s raining.

I’m sitting here on the front porch with a cup of hot tea, a random breeze is playing with the hair around my face; my dog has his chin on my knee. What a beautiful day, even if I do say so!

“Today would be a good day to start a blog”, I thought to myself. “I will put my fear of public humiliation to one side for a minute, and pick up my iPad”. Easier said than done!  Who am I kidding? What will I write about?

I live on a small farm, and run a campground on our wooded property, I like to work in my garden, and I try to save everything I grow. Gardening is not my strong point yet, but…

If you’re interested in the random thoughts and how-to’s of a “farm wife wanna-be”, then get a cup of tea and stay awhile.

So what does a homesteader and “Campground Granny”  write about? Well, through the years I have gathered a limitless collection of random information and nuggets of wisdom to share; have made lots of observations of barnyard politics and antics. It keeps me busy, so perhaps you will enjoy them too.

T-Rex’s and Other Farm Animals

I often think about life and it’s weird turns. My donkey for instance. Yep I have a donkey. Not just any donkey mind you…I have a talking donkey.

He says hello to me every time he sees me, or for that matter, every time he doesn’t see me and feels it’s time for me to make an appearance. For example, he likes his breakfast at 5am and says so EVERY morning. Seven. Days. A. Week…At the top of his lungs. Jimminy Crickets!! Who needs a rooster?

Have you ever heard a donkey bray in person? Wow is it LOUD! TRIVIA MOMENT: Did you know…they used an edited soundtrack of a donkey braying for the “voice” of the T-Rex in Jurassic Park movies?

You’re welcome.

We named him Eeyore, because when we got him the gentleman who gave him to me said he was concerned that “Bud” was a depressed donkey and needed friends. (Well of course he’s depressed – you named him “Bud” for starters…obviously if he’s depressed and needs friends he should be named Eeyore, then everyone will love him. Just sayin’.)

I’ve Lost My Ass

Eeyore comes to me when he’s called. That’s a great thing when he has managed to get out twice this week and is 10 acres away! He goes “on tour” whenever he can mamnage it sneak out. I swear he gets lost if he wanders out of sight of the house. At least a white donkey is easy to see at a distance! Usually I just ring the cast iron dinner bell on the porch when it’s time for him to come home.

Eeyore also feels he should be able to come into the house. He stands on the porch and looks in the window. This offends the Border Collie, Jack, who then howls because Eeyore is in his space. We have yet to reach a mutual understanding on the living arrangements, but he’s beginning to catch a clue that the Welcome mat does not apply to him. Seriously?

Speaking of Eeyore, he is yelling for his breakfast. Jack, as always, looks disgusted by this behavior. I can see it in his eye: “Who does that guy think he is anyway”?

So I’ll leave you for now and wish you a wonderful day. Thanks for dropping in and maybe I’ll see you tomorrow!